Cucumber Benefits For Skin


What Does Cucumber Do For Your Skin?

The cucumber belongs to the gourd family, which also includes pumpkin, squash, and zucchini. Cucumbers are known for being crunchy and cool, but they are also great for your complexion and are a well-known superfood for the skin. They have been used in skincare for decades to address common skin concern like hydration, aging, and inflammation.

Packed With Nutrients: Cucumber contains plenty of vitamins and nutrients that give them the upper hand when it comes to skincare. Vitamins play a key role in overall health but they are particularly effective in supporting skin health when applied topically.

Cucumbers are loaded with antioxidants, which are molecules that help fight oxidative damage caused by free radicals. Fruits and vegetables in general are rich in antioxidants but cucumbers in particular contain vitamin C, caffein acid, and folic acid. Vitamin C often linked to citrus fruits like oranges and grapefruits, is an antioxidant that clarifies and brightens skin. Caffeic acid and folic acid help increase collagen production and defend against signs of premature aging. Collagen production typically declines over time, which is why its beneficial to incorporate ingredients like caffein acid and folic acid into your daily skincare routine.

Hydrate Skin: Keeping your skin hydrated helps improve elasticity and firmness. Lack of hydration can cause a visible difference in your skin in that it may look dry and flaky, and be more prone to fine lines and wrinkles. Maintain a healthy, glowing complexion by replenishing your skin with hydrating ingredients like cucumber.

Similar to aloe vera, cucumbers contain polysaccharides, which help the skin attract and retain moisture. Cucumbers also consist mostly water; they are 96% water extracted. This high water content is a key benefits of cucumbers in that it allows them to provide superior hydration to the skin.

Soothe inflammation: Cucumbers have soothing and cooling effects on the skin, making them particularly beneficial for those with sensitive skin, although they are suitable for all skin types. They also have anti-inflammatory properties in that they help reduce swelling and morning puffiness.

Alleviate Sunburn: Spend a little too much time in the sun? Or maybe you forgot to reapply your sunscreen? Aloe vera is popular for alleviating sunburn, but cucumber  also does the trick. It can soothe mildly burnt or damaged skin and help alleviate sunburn due to its cooling properties.

Great for Acne Prone Skin: Cucumbers are mild astringent, meaning that they tauten and tighten pores, help regulate oil production, as well as reduce the appearance for pore size. Excess oil and large, clogged pores often contribute to breakouts so if you have oily or acne-prone skin, cucumber will be your skin's new BFF.

Cucumber Toner: Since cucumber is a mild astringent, it is often found in toners. Toner is an important step in a skincare routine because it helps balance skin's pH level, get rid of excess oil and dirt, hydrate and nourish skin, and refine pores.

Cucumber Toner with Natural Cucumber Fruit Extract

Cucumber Moisturizer: Another great way to add cucumber to your skincare routine is by using a moisturizer formulated with cucumber extract.

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