Face Mask Maker Machine


What It Is:

Face Mask Maker Machine

What It Does:

Make your gel mask in just 5 minutes. Create fully customized healthy masks with all-natural ingredients from any fruits, vegetables and solid and liquid ingredients from your home. Gel masks help improve penetration and absorption of ingredients into the skin by up to three times more effectively than traditional masks, and, because they are gel, they offer a long duration of use and up to one hour continuous nourishment without drying up.

Collagen Face Mask Benefits:

- Helps improve skin firmness
- Increases skin hydration
- Helps with skin cell renewal and repair
- Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles 

    What Else You Need To know:

    Touch Screen and Auto-clean Function

    How To Use:

    - Add 60ml of water and 20ml of juice
    - Add 1 Collagen Tablet
    - Touch the power key and wait 5 minutes
    - Place the mask tray
    - Press the conduction key to flow the mask fluid to the mask tray

    Set Includes:

    - Face Mask Maker Machine
    - 32 Collagen Tablets 
    - Mask Tray (silicone)
    - 100ML Cup
    - Cleaning Brush
    - User Manual