• Anti-Shine Serum

Anti-Shine Serum


What It Is:

Anti-Shine Serum Formulated with Oil Absorbing Silica Shells


Standard: 1 oz/ 28 g

What It Does:

A serum specially formulated with powerful silica shells to absorb excess oils and take away shine. This fast acting magnifying serum is recommended for men and woman of all skin types.

Skin Type:

Ideal for Oily/Combination skin

Features and Benefits:

- Dimethicone: Protects the skin against moisture loss
- Silica: Immediately stops shine, instant matte finish, absorbs and regulates excess sebum

What Else You Need To Know: 

Cruelty Free, Vegan, Gluten Free, Paraben Free, EU Compliant

How To Use:

Place a small amount of your fingertips. Gently rub serum over shiny areas that are prone to developing excess oils. Can be used before or after your moisturizer. Use as often as needed.